The Chancellor has posted another budget with many of the talking points being about property but has he helped the people struggling to buy or is it another attempt to put a sticking plaster over the gaping wound ?
Compared to many parts of the world the UK still fares well when it comes to the weather we get, even though the true Brit often complains about it. We are just about to head into November and the heating has barely kicked into action yet but what are the potential problems that can befall a property owner or tenant ?
With the country already struggling to meet the needs of the population with regard to housing will the changes the government are introducing add to the problem or improve the situation ?
We are already 2 months in to the new government tax grab legislation introduced in April but do Landlords fully understand the effects of Section 24 ?
Inheritance Tax has been in the news recently, but what are the changes ? and how will they affect us ? Read On The Market's take on the changes.
The Coastal Property Group are pleased to announce the take over of Bright move Letting Agents of Ansdell.