In the news recently we have had the governor of the Bank of England telling us that the property prices could dip by 35% if we get a no deal Brexit. We have also had the Labour party doing it's best to undermine our exit from the EU but is it just scaremongering ? or is the 'Englishman's home is his castle' going to be a thing of the past ?
Government indicators show that rents are set to rise over the coming months. But how will this affect first time buyers and people claiming benefits ?
Lytham Festival is in town this week and there is no sign of rain, well not yet anyway.
It was only four months ago I wrote a blog stating that there had been 15 housing ministers in 17 years. Could I please amend that to read 16 ministers for housing in 17 years.
The end of year property statistics are in and they are a mixed bag. There are winners and losers as there are every year and the so called experts would have you believe that there are only losers in a market like this. So who's right ? They can't all be right, can they ?
Teresa May's cabinet reshuffle throws up yet another housing minister. This has already been described as being counter productive, and here is why.
Is property the safe bet it once was ? With higher taxation on the more expensive properties showing a slowing market and first time buyers not entering the market is a stagnant market inevitable ?