Wimbledon fortnight

01 Jul 2019 16:41
10 Fun facts that you probably didn't know about Wimbledon.

* The grass is treated and tended the whole year round and is cut to exactly 8mm.

* There will be around 250 ball boys and girls on duty during the 2 weeks of Wimbledon.

* The longest match ever recorded at Wimbledon was between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut and lasted for over 11 hours.

* The fastest serve has been recorded at very nearly 150 MPH.

* The loudest 'grunt' form a tennis player was made by Maria Sharapova and recorded at 105 decibels, which is pretty much the equivalent of your smoke alarm going off at home.

* Nearly 55,000 tennis balls will be used during Wimbledon fortnight.

* The first Wimbledon championship took place in 1877 and consisted of only a Mens singles tournament.

* Approximately half a million visitors will go through the turnstiles of Wimbledon this year.

* The visitors will get through around 23 tonnes of strawberries and 7,000 litres of fresh cream. If you were to lay the fruit berries end to end they would stretch nearly 3 times the length of the Bakerloo line.

* Approximately 25,000 bottles of Champagne will be served at this years event, Along with 207,000 meals and 130,000 Ice creams.