Boris in No.10

23 Jul 2019 14:55
I would like to say that the housing crisis, and I don't use that word lightly, has happened due to Brexit but a very large part of the problems of housing in the UK has been brought about by recent illogical and what I fear will be unmanageable rules and legislation.

Will Brexit make a difference to property prices ? rental availability and prices ? Will Brexit even happen ?

I will be very surprised if Brexit does happen by the end of October. I will be even more surprised if the most vulnerable of our society are catered for after the changes in legislation kicks in fully and as the local authorities up and down the land don't have very many social housing properties available to house the unfortunate members of our society that will never own their own home I hope Boris has a magic property tree along side his magic money tree to get the country back on track, or has the foresight to change what the experts are calling unworkable regulations introduced by his predecessor.

I very much think it is a watch this space with regard to Brexit and a hope for a change in policy for the housing market.